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Hollywood 4WRD  
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A group of Volunteers joined members of Hollywood 4WRD and Common Ground to survey Hollywood's homeless individuals.

In 2008, representatives of the Hollywood business community, in conjunction with local government officials, social service providers, the non-profit sector and the faith community began meeting on a monthly basis to discuss a shared commitment to ending homelessness. The group - Hollywood 4WRD (4 Walls, a Roof and a Door) aims to end homeless in Hollywood by 2018. The rationale is that it is less expensive to end homelessness than it is to manage it. Hollywood 4WRD also believes that ending homelessness helps to create a safer neighborhood for residents, businesses, visitors and our homeless neighbors.

Hollywood 4WRD will achieve this goal of ending homelessness in Hollywood through the development and implementation of a short-term plan and a long-term plan, both of which comprise the overall Ten Year Plan to end homelessness in Hollywood; and adhere to the following strategies:

1.  ASSESS NEEDS - Assess homeless population in order to identify housing and service needs by doing the following: Identify the total number of homeless in the Hollywood community on a typical day/night and looking at the specific populations - youth, seniors, families, individuals, HIV Positive, transgender, etc. Assess current capacity and programs that serve Hollywood's homeless population and delineate by targeted population. Assess institutions and other points of contact with people just prior to them becoming homeless. Assess funding sources.

       *  Update:  In 2008, Hollywood 4WRD conducting a one-night street count of homeless individuals sleeping on the   
           streets of Hollywood.  That evening, we counted approximately 500 visible homeless people.

        *  In 2009, Hollywood 4WRD volunteers participated in the LAHSA bi-annual homeless count in January.  Hollywood
            was selected as a community for which a full enumeration was conducted.

        *  Most recently, in 2010, Hollywood 4WRD, with the help of Common Ground, conducted a three-night Homeless
            Registry, and interviewed people according to the Vulnerability Index.  Those results are attached below (near bottom
            of page).

        *  Further, the Los Angeles Times covered this story (click here to read).

2.  CREATE HOUSING - Reconfigure the homeless system into a housing system by emphasizing permanent solutions and increasing the supply of supportive housing by doing the following: Identify all units of supportive housing available or becoming available for the homeless. Identify units immediately available, including newly leased supportive housing. Set goal for additionally needed new units and/or leased units of existing housing. Foster entrepreneurial partnerships between private and public investors and service providers.

      *  Update:  There are currently three permanent supportive housing facilities in the development stage in Hollywood. 
          First, the Villas at Gower expect to break ground this summer.  This is a project of A Community of Friends
          (  Second, Step Up on Second, a well-respected service and housing provider in Santa Monica
          ( has acquired property and will open StepUp on Vine in approximately two years.  Finally,
          Step Up on Sunset is a recent acquisition of Step Up on Second , and will be geared toward housing individuals
          identified in the Homeless Registry.

3.  PROVIDE EFFECTIVE SERVICES & OUTREACH - Develop and integrate service systems to place homeless individuals into housing and keep them housed by doing the following: Develop and integrate outreach systems to get people into housing. Make rental assistance programs more effective. Develop a pilot initiative to increase access to mental health services to Hollywood's homeless population. Increase support for services (including substance abuse treatment and workforce development) to keep people housed.

     *  Update:  a pilot program to coordinate outreach to the 50 homeless veterans identified through the 2010 Homeless
         Registry will commence in June, 2010.  The committee will consist of representatives from the VA Outreach team, LAPD,
         PATH HERO team, BID security and GettLove.

- Prevent homelessness by focusing on institutional routes to homelessness by doing the following: Identify specific institutions that are effected by homelessness in Hollywood, including jails, hospitals and foster care. Develop specific data on populations and identify points of contact to provide services to steer people away from homelessness. Increase income support for at-risk families and individuals.

5.  PROMOTE ADVOCACY - Strive for effective communications between the community, government, businesses and service providers in effort to make and necessary changes to delivery system and funding streams.

Hollywood - roughly defined as La Brea Avenue on the west to Western Avenue on the east, and Franklin Avenue on the north to Santa Monica Avenue on the south.

You can learn more about Hollywood 4WRD on Facebook at 100,000 Homes – Hollywood.  Also, to be put on the Hollywood 4WRD email list, contact

Hollywood Survey Week Fact Sheet.pdf

Sarah MacPherson (HPOA) and Rudy Salinas (PATH) conduct a survey as part of the Homeless Registry.

The Hollywood Property Owners Alliance is proud to be affiliated with the United Way/LA Chamber Business Leaders Task Force to End Homelessness.  The Task Force recently issued their “Home for Good” plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles County within the next five years.  Two representatives from Hollywood are on this Task Force:  Kerry Morrison, executive director of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance and Bill Farrar, Senior Vice President of Andrews International, the BID’s security vendor.


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